Ideal for the production of raw alcohol from any raw material, our ABL, and BSLM plants can operate partially under vacuum. For optimal energy consumption, we have also developed and successfully installed the ECOSTEAM option.

ABL and BSLM plants work partially under vacuum and allow the production of raw alcohol. Depending on the customer's purposes, the raw alcohol can be the final or middle product.

These plants are very popular in South America to produce raw alcohol for feeding molecular sieves. ABL and BSLM model plants operate partially under vacuum and can be easily thermally coupled with multiple effect concentration plants, for maximum energy recovery. The vacuum distillation column makes this plant suitable for the distillation of fermented products from any raw material (starchy, sugary, vinous) reducing the impact of salt fouling and extending the working period between two cleanings. In addition, our team, after careful evaluation of your projects, will be able to integrate a steam-saving system.

The parts in contact with the product are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 and are suitable for contact with distillates and fermented products.

In the last years we have developed an ECO STEAM plant: thanks to an innovative technology working through different pressure levels, ECO STEAM produces raw alcohol suitable to feed molecular sieves for the production of anhydrous alcohol, with a much lower consumption than ABL and BSLM.


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