We don’t just design new plants: our know-how and design studies also comply with existing plants, to expand, optimize, or integrate.


More frequently, we come across customers who already have a plant and want to expand it, or who want to optimize what they already have.

We take care of case studies for:

  • Integrating new plants into existing ones;
  • Creating projects that foresee, already from the first phases, future expansions;
  • Studying the energy optimization of the plant to decrease the main consumptions (steam, energy, water, etc.).

Moreover, our studies are not limited to the alcohol part, but also cover all by-products such as the production of DDGS in starch-based plants and, above all, the hulls management.

In these specific cases, we provide dedicated studies looking for the best solutions for maximum economic savings combined with the highest operational and management efficiency.


Intending to minimize as much as possible your investment costs, we have dedicated ourselves over the years, with increasing success, to the revamping of existing plants and equipment. We often meet customers who have old plants that are no longer suitable for producing the required types of alcohol.

We, therefore, dedicate particular care and attention to this type of activity, which involves the revamping of technologies not owned by MDT; our goal is to provide the most convenient solutions to achieve the best results and thus maintain long-term relationships.

There are numerous revamping activities carried out by our engineers to change existing units: from rehabilitation operations to new equipment supply, we aim at finding targeted solutions to revise the entire process while adapting existing parts to new ones.

Our revamping activities also include the ability to relocate entire existing plants by disassembling and reassembling them in a new location.

The service we can provide first includes:

  • Technical audits for increased capacity;
  • Audits to reduce maintenance and operating costs;
  • Studies for energy savings and product quality improvement;
  • Consulting services for plant performance improvement;
  • Project management;
  • Procurement services:
  • Plant construction management;
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up activities of the plants;
  • Post-sales technical assistance.


We have always dedicated time and resources searching for the most efficient solutions to meet the needs of you, our customers, intending to offer the most suitable alternatives from a technical and economic point of view.

During the 180 years of our history, we have implemented our engineering know-how. This has led us today to guarantee high-level design through calculations and dimensioning with the most sophisticated technological tools such as Aspen Plus and PRO/II and the use of internal EXCEL/VBA software for H&B, used for preliminary mechanical dimensioning and project cost estimation.

Every detail of our plants is important. It is studied and calculated internally by the engineers who comply with the international and national regulations, assuring you, our customers, a hi-tech plant studied on your needs.

We can draw up increasingly detailed and precise engineering works up to the realization of specific FEED (Front End Engineering Design).

We also have programs that allow us to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) giving you a clear picture of both the present and the immediate future. For those who decide to enter the world of alcohol for the first time or for those who already own a plant and want to expand it or add a new branch, it is essential to determine what expenses and amortization will be needed.

To this goal, we carry out feasibility studies that include:

  • Research and process development
  • Economic analysis and technical studies
  • Engineering feasibility of the project
  • Process design
  • Development and realization of turnkey plants, for the customers who only own the land.


We aim to be your 360 degrees partner, offering you a service that covers consulting, design, construction, installation, start-up, and assistance. Our plants are completely made of stainless steel, and remain operational for more than 50 years on average; for this reason, our company pays particular attention to the customer relationship, not only until the sale of the plant but especially for the following years.

We carry out start-up at the sites of your plants, making the required tests to ensure the full and optimal functioning of the plant itself. In case of problems in the production process, our engineers can provide the customer with fast and effective remote support, so that you save time and always have a reliable partner who can guarantee the efficiency of the plant.

We count on a historical archive where we keep drawings and documentation (completely handwritten) of all those customers managed before the invention of computers.

This ensures that we can also be of support to those who buy back our columns or part of our old systems, but do not have the necessary documentation to understand their operation.

The after-sales services we provide are mainly aimed at:

  • Optimization of efficiency and productivity;
  • Minimize costs over the life of the equipment;
  • Maximizing equipment life by implementing continuous maintenance strategies.