The evaporative condenser combines the benefits of a shell-and-tube condenser and an evaporative cooling tower so that there is no more need for cooling water loops. It ends up saving 40% energy.

Evaporative condensers, already widely used in refrigeration plants, are rarer in the process industry. The evaporative condenser combines the advantages of a shell-and-tube condenser and an evaporative cooling tower, eliminating the need for cooling water circuits, which resulted in high power consumption for recirculation pumps. This results in energy savings of up to 40%.

The MDT evaporative condenser (CEVAP) is of innovative design, with easy-to-assemble modules that can be shipped in standard containers. On-site assembly is quick and easy: it only requires a concrete tank for water storage and structural support. In case of subsequent expansions of the potential of the plants, it is possible to add modules to increase the condensation capacity. The CEVAP can be used for condensing clean water vapor or with entrained liquids, but also alcoholic vapors. The vapors to be condensed can be either pressurized or vacuum, and the condensates can be discharged into a dedicated circuit or can be used as a coolant to be sprayed on the tube bundle, optimizing overall water consumption.

CEVAP's construction allows easy accessibility to all parts, both inside pipes and outside pipes, for inspection and cleaning, without the need for aerial platforms or scaffolding.


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