Yesterday we were two established companies; today, we stand as a single group tied to innovation and always looking at the future, carrying our passion for work and transparency and professionalism towards our customers.

Barison industry and MDT:
union is strength

Two well-established companies, one team. Here at Barison Industry-MDT, we think as a team: not only working together, but also sharing values of mutual listening and productive confrontation, recognition, and enhancement of the interests and successes of others.

We founded the Barison-MDT group aiming for new synergies to guarantee a streamlined, efficient, and easily recognizable supply chain. We believe that acting as a team brings direct benefits for both companies.

Innovate to stand out

Our group is made of professionals who love to update, investigate and learn. We know that enjoying success is legitimate, but this satisfaction is not enough. We firmly believe that watching today with an eye to tomorrow is the starting point for new challenges and new goals.

An innovative project is always born from constant market research. We do not just satisfy our customers, we want to stand out for our work: for this reason, our team always works hard and with a foresight to be ready to seize every opportunity.

Passion for our work

We want to stand out for the enthusiasm and dedication that the professionals in our group put into every activity. Ours is not a job, it's a passion.

We love to be fully involved in what we do, we find the right energy and motivation to accomplish our goals and overcome any obstacle. We aim to transform every idea and intuition into product and success, thanks to focused and accurate research of details and curiosity that always leads us to be innovative and resilient.

Barison and MDT as loyal business partners

We are an entity that aspires to support and cooperate with other companies to guarantee the best products and services: we are not looking for simple customers, but rather for PARTNERS with whom to settle for a long-term relationship.

We are committed to offering 360 degrees in production management, being both a consultant on the feasibility plan of your project and a steady presence during the production phase, up to after-sales service.

But there's more: we want to identify with the transparency, experience, and constant commitment that we ensure through our professionals, who have been working in the sector for years with efficiency, timeliness, and precision.

People before machines: the value of the human person

There is a value in which we strongly believe: the person. Behind every solution that we propose, there is a points-of-view sharing moment, a combination of analytical skills, and the strength of a group that is committed to finding optimal and innovative solutions every day.

In our production idea, the human value is at the first place. There is continuous communication and exchange of ideas between the members of our team, who like to feel part of a group and take part in all business decisions.